We Are Press42
Bringing storytelling to you

We are a strategic communication agency that specializes in the use of storytelling.

We Are Press42
Bringing storytelling to you

We help organizations worldwide use the power of story to achieve their business goals.
We take storytelling beyond the realm of marketing and export it to all the different business processes.

Our Story
Delivering WOW

Press42 originally started as a company where we tried to help organizations reach the right industry journalists worldwide. We quickly realized that, while reaching the media was indeed painful, the real problem was the quality of most stories out there.

While anyone enjoys a good story, few people know how to design great and powerful stories. We found out that, while storytelling is obvious in PR, its potential and usefulness for internal communications is even greater.

As we developed our skills in helping others understand the realm of storytelling, we started applying it to many organizational fields. Some examples include: open innovation projects, agile and lean implementations, human resources, corporate culture, change management, community management or brand reputation.

Storytelling has become our identity and helping our worldwide customers in an increasingly complex interconnected society is our mission.

These are our Values
We believe in culture

Our values are our DNA. It defines our lives and strategies. The following are the values we live and work by.

Win - Win
Happy employees & customers

We trully believe in win-win situations. We strive to always take projects that deliver "Win" to both customers, collaborators and employees.

Bring it on

We're all for challenge. We don't dable in the usual, but more on the fringes. We like being challenged!

The more the merrier

Building relationships is in our culture. We believe complex problems only get solved by collaborating. We want to create long lasting relationships with our customers to deliver solutions for their long-term problems.

WOWness is our middle name

Life is short and we want to have as much fun as possible. We believe in fun but challenging projects that deliver the best solutions to our customers. Expect humor, WOWness and weirdiness from us.

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.


Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand


There is nothing more difficult than a line.


Our Small Team with Big Stories

Interdisciplinary team with years of experience telling big stories. From product design, to growth hacking, our team has tackled the full spectrum.

Alex Barrera
Chief WOWness Officer / Founder

Alex Barrera is considered one of the references of product communication and organizational storytelling in Europe. He has co-founded several startups, including the European technolgy publication tech.eu or the startup accelerator Tetuan Valley where he's worked in a range of fields, including product development, marketing, fund raising and communication and pitching expert.

He also has extensive experience with different multinational corporations, where he's worked managing agile, reputation, innovation and strategic communication projects. He's also worked with several government organizations from different countries as a communication expert as well as with diverse organizations in the technology space.

Alex Barrera is also a renowned international keynote speaker. With more than a decade of experience, he's been featured in prominent global conferences. As an experience speaker, he's an expert in delivering powerful and high impact presentations for any kind of audience.

He's a member of the Global Shapers network from the World Economic Forum, Sandbox network ambassador, Startup Digest curator in Madrid, Certified Scrum Master and he sits on the board of several technology companies as investor and advisor.


Alejandro Pérez
Chief Doer Officer / Partner

Alejandro Pérez is a self made entrepeneur. He's been working as a sales expert in different sectors for the past 10 years. In 2009 he decides to jump into the Internet full force. Since 2010 Alejandro works in different positions ranging from project manager to business development at several international startups.

He evolves into one of the leading experts in online reputation and in 2013 starts his own reputation firms, Brandexit and SocialMediaCon. In late 2014 he joins the Press42 team as COO and Chief Doer Officer and brings his reputation expertise into the group.

Alejandro is an advisor for a large number of technology companies in different sectors including the Gaming, Entertainment, BigData or Online Marketing industries.

Jen Allerson
Chief Wordsmith & Communications Officer

Jen is a veteran of the IT world, from Silicon Valley, USA, to Tetuan Valley, Spain. She also spent time in Sweden where she earned her MBA, with a focus on entrepreneurship, from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Jen has written and programmed for tech giants Accenture and Motorloa, but it’s the startups she’s worked for, including Fon and Gear.com (Overstock), she likes best.

Jen currently lives in Spain where she has been helping out startups in Barcelona and Madrid with their communications, branding, social media and marketing since 2008.

When it comes to communication, Jen looks to architecture and Mies van der Rohe who said, “Less is more.”

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What We Do
Our Capabilities

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch.

Impact presentations
Design with story

We teach customers how to design powerful presentations that merge data and stories.

Change Management
Helping drive change

We help our clients use great stories to promote, communicate and achieve change.

Be true to yourself

Use great stories to manage your brand's reputation and incidents.

Communication strategy

We work with our customers to design powerful communication strategies to mazimize their brands and reputation.

Corporate Culture
Tell me your story

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Learn how stories can define and mold your company's culture.

Having Fun
Stand-up comedy (with beer!)

We like to go on mad stand-up comedy marathons while having beers with our friendly clients. Customers will be rated in funniness, spontaneaty and shamefulness.

Press42 has been key to the success of this new edition of The South Summit.
deep knowledge and insights on how to add real value
to the stakeholders and their experience in the field has been
tremendously valuable for this project.

Sofia Benfumea, Cofounder Spain Startup

Awesome workshop – highly actionable. We realised what PR fails we made so far and will surely get better coverage for our next release.

Storytelling Workshop - London, UK 2012

We started wanting a marketing plan and we ended up
becoming friends with our customers. It's a
magical experience.

Alfonso Sainz de Baranda, CEO Ahorro.net

World Brands Are Some Of
Our Satisfied Clients

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